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Computer programming

Because programming is a part of every computer innovation, for aspiring tech entrepreneurs, with a background in computer programming, we can offer you the following:

Develop and promote an app.

Create an application development organization.

Create a software-as-a-service product

Create video games with game design and game development. Etc.


Maintenance of computer programs

It is very important to maintain the operating system in order to create a system configuration that can provide the required system response. Operating system automated maintenance system is the interconnection of software modules, constituting a system that enables users to monitor and maintain activities on the computer system installed with the operating system, so that it can give the desired system response. Just like cars and houses, computers also need maintenance to ensure their durability. Most of the time, users do not remember to perform maintenance operations on their systems, so a control system to ensure that maintenance operations are completed becomes necessary. The state of a system or asset is a physical capability that is considered to be related to the function of fulfilling its function. When a system or asset deteriorates due to aging, use, and other factors, the system or asset may lose its ability to perform its functions and fail. Maintenance helps organizations control, prevent, and reduce periods of unavailability.


Preventive maintenance checks are important to maintain the reliability of computer systems and their peripherals. With careful inspection, cleaning and maintenance, our computer workstations will perform better and last longer than those neglected.



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